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     Pat Carey  

        Pat Carey - Racehorse Trainer, Mornington, Vic.  

         ''In my 40 years of travelling and dealing with racehorses worldwide, Porta-Grazer is the most efficient, logical and safest method of feeding hay to stabled and paddocked horses.

Respiratory disease in horses is one of the major, if not THE major factor in poor performance of racehorses. With Porta-Grazer you are simulating nature’s method of mucous draining by feeding horses with their heads down in a clean,  dust-free environment.

         Porta-Grazer minimises the loss of hay that would normally find its way into waste via soiled bedding, giving you better economy with your feed. Prior to using Porta-Grazers in my stables, I would estimate between 1-2 biscuits of hay per bale were thrown out in the soiled bedding.

        Porta-Grazer enables slow hay feeding, allowing better digestion which, as modern veterinary research shows, is the best method for counteracting colic and ulcers – another major poor performance factor.”

      Meryl Thomas

   "IT was so exciting to receive the Porta-Grazer yesterday. I had studied all the instructions on how to introduce my horse to the feeder.  I prepared his usual offering ready to place on the ground, then I placed biscuits of lucerne and pasture/rye into the Porta-Grazer and inserted the pan as instructed.

   No need to worry, I was pushed aside quickly and his lordship happily began munching away like a pro in his new feeder.

   My thanks to the staff of Porta-Grazer Aust. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

  Shirley Raglin


    "He is not able to eat everything within 45 minutes. The dust does go to the bottom and he CANNOT throw it out and eat off the ground.

     Very clean."

    Equine Empowerment

   " We love our  Porta-Grazers! These two Eagala program BIG ponies were "trying" to share it this morning. And of course... the mini's have their own mini PG.

     Many thanks to Melissa Weideman from Porta-Grazer Aust PORTA-GRAZER for your help and delivery to our Empowering Equine herd."👏👏🐴🐴

  Carolyn Carr

    "This is the best means of slow feeding your horses. I've been using hay nets, but Porta-Grazer doesn't waste the the hay.

     It's efficient and a safe way to feed horses."

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