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Research and learning from the experts is a crucial aid in helping to keep your horse fit, healthy and happy.

The digital age has helped make it a quick click away to call up an abudance of articles and expert studies which will assist in learning about a myriad of issues associated with horses.

With help and advice so readily available, there is a lot for the horse owner to digest.

We suggest the following links to stories and studies will provide you with a valuable insight into the health of your equine friend.


 Each article will open in a new window for easy viewing.  When finished just close the window and you will return to his page.

Colic - A Hind Gut Issue:  How we feed directly impacts the equine digestive system.  Horses require constant supply of forage to keep their digestive systems working properly.

Feeding to Prevent Colic:  The majority of your horse's diet should be forage, not concentrates like sweet feed and processed feeds.

Equine Colonic Ulcers:  Understanding the horse's digestive system means understanding the significance of the hind gut.

Laminitis/Founder:  Removing laminitic horses from pasture during the day and turning them out for grazing overnight will help minimize their intake of these water-soluble carbohyrdates.


Dental Care:  Don't forget to check your horse's teeth for even wear, infection and more.

What is Laminitis?  What causes it and what can you do to prevent it?

Gastric Ulcers in Horses:  Horses evolved to graze, eating many small meals frequently.  This way, the stomach is rarely empty and the stomach acid has less of a damaging effect.  If horses and foals do not eat frequently the acid builds up and ulcers are more likely to develop.

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