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A brilliantly designed slow hay feeder made in the USA that mimics natural grazing for horses - the way every horse should eat.

The Porta-Grazer, distributed in Australia by Booralite Park at Pakenham South, copies natural slow grazing for stables or paddocked horses
Champion sprinter Chautauqua demonstrates the ease of using the Porta-Grazer during a training stint at Booralite Park
The Porta-Grazer gets a horse eating in the right positon when stabled or kept in a paddock

 What is a Porta-Grazer?

 A Porta-Grazer allows a

  • EAT correctly with head down

  • EAT with correct teeth & jaw alignment

  • EAT with correct weight distribution

  • EAT bite-sized mouthfuls

  • FORAGE for its hay

  • AVOID eating off of the ground

  • PRODUCE the correct amount of saliva for each bite and;

  • NO wasted hay

  • NO frustration

  • NO injury

  • NO colic, ulcers or choke

  • NO dust inhalation

horse to:

DEVELOPED and made in the USA and used throughout the world, the Porta-Grazer™ has unlocked the key to mirroring natural slow grazing for horses. 
The Porta-Grazer's immense health benefits have been endorsed by veterinarians, equine dentists, leading horse trainers and participants from all equine disciplines. 
Booralite Park Pty Ltd, at Pakenham South, is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Porta-Grazer™ range of slow feeders. ​

Our new container has arrived and LIDS (Water Troughs) are back in stock!

Will it suit my horse?

No matter your horse's size, breed, colour or the discipline it is used for, all equine digestive systems are the same. 

They all require 24/7 access to pasture or hay and the ability to graze for a minimum of 17 hours a day.  Too often we do not provide enough roughage, especially in a confined situation or when we are trying to reduce our horse’s weight.

Multiple Group 1 winning trainer Peter Moody was a huge advocate for his horses during his training career at Caulfield

      Improving health of any confined horse through slow feeding system

THE Porta-Grazer is designed to allow a horse to graze hay in a naturally slow, continuous manner in the correct posture. Each bite is torn off and pulled through the pan insert holes (as pictured), simulating natural grazing.

The restrictor pan insert lowers to the bottom as the feed is consumed and is easily removed for refilling in less than 10 seconds, yet with its clever locking mechanism, is almost impossible to remove – it can be knocked over, kicked and rolled around with no spillage.

  • NO wasted hay or mess on the stable floor = less labour, less vet & feed bills and healthier horses!

  • ALLOWS several hours of grazing time per filling.

  • PREVENTS parasites and sand being ingested from the stable floor.

The restrictator pan of the Porta-Grazer plays a big part in the role of the slow feeding system

  • NO gorging - horses can graze all day – searching, pulling, tearing whilst chewing & swallowing - naturally.

  • THE optional lid/water trough makes Porta-Grazer the essential travelling item when on the road.

Horses pull bite size pieces of hay through the restricator pan of the Porta-Grazer
The Porta-Grazer restricator pan allows the horse to eat slowly and pull though bit size pieces of hay
The mini Porta-Grazer is available from Booralite Park at Pakennham South, Victoria.
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